What we can do.

Well Crafter

Statutory Demands.

As part of our recovery procedures we can use a Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt. This is a legal demand, which can result in the liquidation of the defaulting company or the sequestration of the individual. This approach is most effective against the “ Can pay but won’t pay “ type of debtor, defaulters usually will pay on receipt of such a demand.

High Precission

Pre – Sue Reports.

Before legal proceedings commence it is our experience that a visit by one of our agents to the debtor’s home / business can prove successful and you will be supplied with a current report regarding the debtor’s circumstances including their opinion of the chances of recovery of the debt due.

Technical Expert

Investigation Services.

We are able to supply this service as we have retained the services of many experienced agents, many of whom are ex Police and ex Ministry of Defence who are surveillance specialists and who are able to report on such cases as fraud, theft, personal injury, employment issues and matrimonial issues. With their expertise they are able to undertake complex surveillance specifically tailored to your needs.

Credit Reporting.

Well CrafterVarious types of credit reports are available covering the United Kingdom and many other countries throughout the world.

Credit Control Assessment

Well CrafterA complete review of your current procedures and after discussion with you we will offer constructive suggestions for any required changes to improve your cash flow and to reduce your debtor days.

Credit Control Training

Well CrafterStaff training would be provided and would include ledger control, correspondence, telephone techniques and some golden rules of credit control. We firmly believe that it is beneficial to your company to provide this sort of training for both accounts and sales departments.